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Vie di Romans

Vie di Romans has emerged as one of the top 2 or 3 producers of white wine in all Italy.

This is in large part due to geographical situation, with estate vineyards occupying some of the finest sites of the Isonzo river valley, on well-draining alluvial soils over calcareous rock, benefiting from the sunny but cool conditions where the continental easterly 'bora' wind tempers the warmth coming up from the Adriatic.

But this great natural potential would be nothing without the dynamic direction of owner Gianfranco Gallo, who has relentlessly pursued quality here since he began bottling the family's production back in 1978.

Along the way he survived a lawsuit from the world's largest wine producer, pioneered single-vineyard cuvées when others were focused on large volume varietals, and learnt better than anyone else in Italy how to manage extended barrel ageing of white wines.

Like top Burgundies, the Vie di Romans wines remain elegant and pure despite their natural richness, concentration and complexity.

94 Robert Parker
Vie di Romans Flors di Uis 2018
Vie di Romans Flors di Uis 2018
Straw yellow with green glint and a deeply perfumed and floral nose. The wine displays delicate but intensely flowered aromas, with characters of wisteria and sweet…
Flors di Uis 2018
41,00 €