Sauvignon Blanc Guide


Thanks to the popularity of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, this white variety enjoys a renewed success in many wine-growing regions.

This aromatic grape variety is native to the Loire Valley. The Sauvignon Blanc ripens early in the year and its robust vines produce high yields. It can be grown under a wide array of climatic conditions thanks to its early ripening process and its high level of acidity, which bring a refreshing quality to the warmer climate wines.

However, Sauvignon Blanc develops its best characteristics under colder influences and cool climates. The wines in the warmer regions can lose their acidity and aromatic features. The grape blossom beautifully on the gravel soils in Bordeaux and the chalky soils of the Loire Valley.

To obtain the variety's refreshing crispness, the vineyard has to be under cool conditions with a constant sunshine and a dry harvest period.

Sauvignon Blanc Caracteristics 

Sauvignon Blanc produces an aromatic dry white wine with a refreshing acidity and vegetal and herbaceous notes. In the colder regions, the wine has more vegetal and mineral tones. In the New World, the warmer climates confer to the wines riped aromas of exotic fruits and gooseberry.

Where to find the best Sauvignon Blancs

New Zealand is a famous wine place thanks to Marlborough's Sauvignon Blanc which make exceptional white wines balancing a refreshing acidity and intense citrusy and tropical fruity flavors.

Australian Sauvignon Blanc concentrates the intense exotic aromas whereas in Chile the wines tend to be lighter with crisp mentholed notes. The South African wines reveal the sharpness and brightness of nettle, asparagus and gooseberry.

In France, Sauvignon Blanc produces famous Loire wines like the vegetal ones from Sancerre or the crisp minerality of the flinty notes from Pouilly-Fumé. In Bordeaux, the grape is often blend with Semillon to make the Sauternes' sweet wines. Dagueneau and De Tracy are some of the best producers of Pouilly-Fumé. Alphonse Mellot and Henri Bourgeois produce the best white wines of Sancerre. Château Pape Clément and Château Haut Lafitte are making great Sauvignon Blanc wines in Pessac-Léognan.           

Cloudy Bay is the producer who introduced Marlborough's Sauvignon Blanc to the prestigious wines of the world.