Argentina Wine Guide


Argentina is the biggest wine producer in South America and the fifth in the world. The country has go to great length to compete against its neighbour Chili with a high-quality production.

History of the wines in Argentina

The first vines in the country were planted in the sixteenth century by the Spanish missionaries in Mendoza. After, the Italian settlers took over the vineyards. In the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, the arrival of European immigrants in Argentina brought a high number of grape varieties and modern wine-making technologies which transformed the wine industry. But this sector was deeply hurt by the chaos and crisis of the late twentieth century.

Nowadays, the foreign investments had brought over a new age for wine producing in Argentina. The wine was traditionally intend for the domestic market but a recent opening to the export had allowed a rise in wine quality.

Argentina is the second biggest country in South America, stretching from Bolivia to the most southern area of the continent. This country of spectacular landscapes, from the southern desert Patagonia to the rocky peaks of the imposing Andes or the pampa's fertile flatlands. The majority of the Argentinian vineyards are located at the foot of the Andes, not unlike the high vines of Mendoza. In fact, the Argentina's vineyards are famous for being the highest in the world.

The country climate, with its strong sunshine, important diurnal temperature and a few rains is optimal to quality grapes' grow.

Wine regions of Argentina

The most important wine regions of Argentina is the province of Mendoza which contributes to the majority of the country production and produces the best wines.

Salta, Calchaqui Valley and Patagonia (with the Rio Negro Valley) are too important to the wine production.

Grape Varieties of Argentina

Malbec is the grape variety of Argentina. Known in France as Cot, it arrived in Argentina in the beginning of the twentieth century and blossom extraordinary thanks to the high sunshine of Mendoza. The country produces its most famous wines with this variety. The red wines are intense, powerful, with splendid black fruits aromas and cool floral notes.

The European immigrants brought back with them a lot of international grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay or the Italian Bonarda.

Torrontés is the Argentinian white variety and produces its best wines in Salta. They are white aromatic wines with floral aromas.

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